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 Online Document ESCROW & Copyright Registration

The traditional method of copyright registry is cumbersome and time consuming. SEI has developed an easy solution for this issue - (Online) Document &  ESCROW Copyright Registration &deposit. This product offers the software market & it’s manufacturers assurance that their property will be legally copyrighted.  When a copyright has been violated a lengthy and complicated process ensues in order to clarify who is the rightful owner. 
Forensic evidence of ownership must be established and valid so that the owner can proceed with their time sensitive, high priority development and production time schedule without interruption. 

Copyright Registration is often left until the last moment (if it is even considered) due to the tedious & lengthy process. Many companies, particularly in the software industry, hope that they will never be confronted with copyright infringement, therefore making the foolish choice not to register their valuable material.  Moreover, if the probative value(s) of the material is insufficient this leaves the door open for violations.  In-house registration is questionable, since they must have objective measures to identify the product ownership. The entire process of registration is complex, thus leading to the major reason why companies fail to use this practice.

The Online ESCROW document & Copyright solution:
S.E.I. offers a copyright registration and document deposit method that is professional, quick, easy, and inexpensive. We offer for each product a "digital fingerprint", time stamp and a copyright certificate. Then S.E.I. will verify & store your valuable material in its underground, secured access, video-controlled, climatic safe vaults in well known national or international banks. S.E.I. also offers copyright registration & document ESCROW for other documented works such as technical drawings, product formulas, product descriptions, literature, composition etc. Please ask for more information and our pricing schedule.


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