Software ESCROW International GmbH & S.E.I. USA

The Software ESCROW solution...

  • Guarantees protection & assurance of professional source codes and high tech components
  • Utilized by software- & high-tech manufacturers (Licensee, Licensor) and their large IT customers
  • Solution for the preservation & continuity of valuable software and other high tech components for the end-user and their company
  • Offers protection of intellectual property for IT manufacturers
  • Helps to avoid liability risks for the end-user's board of directors and continuity of IT processes within the company

  • Source codes and their documentation are delivered to S.E.I.,
    for verification services and deposit, on CD/DVD/USB stick or transfered via secure FTP to a dedicated S.E.I. Server

Please click on the address line below for more information on ESCROW Agreements, Verification Services and ask for the ESCROW fee schedule.
S.E.I. GmbH is headquartered in Bonn, Germany the parent company of S.E.I. USA

Software ESCROW International GmbH - S.E.I.    D-53113 BONN    Bundeskanzlerplatz 2-10    Germany

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