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During the last 20 years S.E.I. management (with its partners) has introduced Escrow solutions to the global business world. S.E.I. is an independent, neutral ESCROW  Trustee who has fulfilled more than 1,500 ESCROW Agreements (consulting, verifying and certifying) in more than 30 countries.

S.E.I. is the only ESCROW Company in the world market that offers all escrow solutions to its national and international clients.

S.E.I. was awarded the IT-Innovation AWARD four times for its forward thinking solutions: In 2007 for Excellence in ESCROW Consulting, in 2008 for ESCROW PRODUCT Innovation. In 2012 S.E.I. received the E-Payment AWARD under the patronage of IBM and the Federal Commissioner for Information Technology of the Federal Government of Germany, and in 2013 the E-Communication AWARD. Also in 2013 - 2014 & 2016 S.E.I. received the INDUSTRY PRICE for
high economic, social, technological and environmental performances. S.E.I. was certified in 2013 to ISO 9001 Quality-Management-System.

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S.E.I. GmbH is headquartered in Bonn, Germany the parent company of S.E.I. USA

Software ESCROW International GmbH - S.E.I.    D-53113 BONN    Bundeskanzlerplatz 2-10    Germany

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