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Software Escrow Trust Account

An Escrow Trust Account is a tool, accepted worldwide, to pro- tect the transfer of goods &/or funds in B2B business transac- tions. It is a neutral 3rd party who secures the goods &/or funds, minimizing the risk to both the Buyer and Seller until both parties have met all conditions in their agreement.

  1. Buyer & Seller sign an S.E.I. ESCROW TRUST ACCOUNT Service Agreement (ETASA).
  2. S.E.I. opens an ESCROW TRUST ACCOUNT online at an international bank for the transaction.
  3. The Buyer transfers the purchasing price to the S.E.I ESCROW TRUST ACCOUNT.
  4. The Seller is instructed to ship the goods, in accordance with the mutual agreement, once S.E.I. confirms the funds are in the Escrow Trust Account.
  5. The Buyer verifies the receipt of goods & sends an acceptance confirmation to the Seller and S.E.I.
  6. S.E.I. instructs the Bank to release & transfer the agreed amount to the Seller’s bank account.
  7. Once completed, the Escrow Trust Account is closed.
        The ETASA can be adapted for any special project.

The ESCROW TRUST ACCOUNT can be used in the following areas of financial transactions:

Lien or judgment holdbacks  -  Leasehold deposits  -  Construction or build out deposits
  Separation, dissolution or dispute settlements  -  Construction holdbacks
  Limited liability partnership offerings  -  Merger acquisition required holdbacks or down payments
  Employment separation payments  -  Installment payments for rental or purchase contracts
  Oil well production fund escrow  -  Vendor verification of cash funds prior to shipping product or service delivery
  Sale of goods or services where the parties have no prior relationship with one another
Escrow can be used to insure payments upon written instructions

Please ask for the ESCROW TRUST ACCOUNT Service Agreement – ETASA!
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Responsible: Linda Bari, Managing Director


S.E.I. GmbH is headquartered in Bonn, Germany the parent company of S.E.I. USA

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